Nate Stevens Design


Hey, I'm Nate. Graphic design is just one of my many passions in life, but let's focus on that for now, since that's why you're here. 

 This is what my head looks like.

This is what my head looks like.


Nate Stevens

Concerning my experience as a design professional, I graduated from the School of Advertising Art in the Spring of 2009 and have been working in the industry full-time ever since. After a brief and bizarre stint at an ill-fated bridal and formalwear company (thank you Craigslist), I began working at EarlyExpress, a mail-focuses marketing company, where I remained until I accepted my current position with the Dayton Business Journal at the end of 2013. I take pride in being an efficient, versatile designer who is easy to work with. 

Beyond the 9-to-5, I have always left room in my schedule for freelance work, which has allowed me to partner with fascinating entrepreneurs from my community and around the globe – ranging from the music and entertainment industry, app developers, hairstylists, professional athletes, and many more somewhere in between.

I believe effective design starts with a firm, fundamental understanding of your audience, and enjoy the challenge of identifying and relating my clients’ message in a way which will resonate with consumers. 

A few non-design facts about me: I actively train and compete in jiu-jitsu, which is a way of saying I know a lot of ways to choke a person, for whenever that’s handy. I am also a retired competitive facial hair grower, having been featured on the IFC reality show Whisker Wars. I even placed 4th at the World Beard and Moustache Championship in Stuttgart, Germany in 2013, where I also came in second-to-last in the very first (and probably only) International Cabbage Hoisting Championships. My communication skills are not limited simply to pixels and paths, as I am also fluent in basic front-end HTML & CSS, and have a background as a television and radio host, as well as voiceover talent. Oh, and I worked in customer service for Time Warner Cable for 3 years, so I can fix your TV blindfolded and I have the patience of a monk.

Currently, I live in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio, in a beautiful community with my beautiful family. I like to tell stories, and will employ whatever means necessary to do so as effectively as possible.